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Neyante E.

I genuinely enjoyed my reading. it was my 1st experience and it was definitely a great experience. You're professional, kind and your energy is everything! I can't wait for my next one

Alicia M.

A vibe, honest, comical, fun, divine, eye-opening, motivating, emotional, I'm always read to the T


The reading was too accurate and gave me so much insight. I had been wondering which direction to go, but you really helped me make the decision. And I know it was definitely the right choice.

Fatima D.

Powerful, eye-opening and very emotional. Always get the tingles

Jasmine S.

Every reading I’ve received is on point  things I feel sometimes I get a reading for clarity and get clarified each time  and your energy is soothing 

Darriel R.

Destinee !!!! When I say Destinee is a whole vibe and on point.

She read me to the T and I felt every bit of what she said and all she asked me was one question “is it something I’m afraid of” and from there on everything she said was about me and helped me get to where I am now. In the army and happy at home with my husband and kids! The vibe she gives is going to make you feel like your with one of your homegirls DONT BE SCARED she’s the TRUTH 

Melanie P.

Thank you !!! You are so spot on it's a little scary lmao but in a great way cause, that means I can trust your readings.

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