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100+ Questions to Ask In Your Reading

Most Popular Questions:

1. What is an important message from Spirit?

2. What needs to be revealed to me?

3. What do I need to know about 'x'?

4. How does 'x' feel about me?

5. What's hindering my money flow?

6. How can I heal from (insert situation)?

7. Is my current career right for me?

8. How can I overcome my current obstacles?

9. What's coming up for me?

10. Is 'x' worth pursuing?

General | Life​ | Self Development
  1. What is an important message for me?

  2. What do I need to know right now?

  3. What do I need to know about a situation?

  4. How can I improve myself?

  5. What do I need to focus on?

  6. What are my fears & how can I overcome them?

  7. How can I improve my self-esteem? 

  8. How can I find happiness and achieve long-lasting joy?

  9. How can I align with my manifestations?

  10. How am I holding myself back?

  11. How can I be more true to myself?

  12. How can I evolve spiritually?

  13. What do I need to let go of?

  14. What habits do I need to change?

  15. What are my good traits?

  16. How can I raise my frequency?

  17. What can I do to take better care of myself?

  18. What should I be grateful for?

  19. What could I use more of?

  20. Where am I in life right now?

  21. How can I reduce my stress levels?

  22. What do I need to do to overcome tough times?

  23. What mistakes have ultimately helped me?

  24. What do I need to face in life? 

  25. What changes should I make to my lifestyle?

  26. How can I quit my bad habits?

  27. What's something I need to give up in order to be successful?

  28. Are there any mistakes that I am making right now?

  29. What can I do to feel more energized?

  30. What is something I'm self-conscious about?

Career | Finances | Life Purpose

  1. What is my career calling?

  2. What obstacles are there?

  3. What can I do to advance in my career?

  4. What are my strengths and weaknesses?

  5. What opportunities are available to you?

  6. What do I need to focus on?

  7. How can I overcome financial struggles?

  8. What is hindering the money flow?

  9. What kind of work should I be looking for?

  10. Is my current job right for me?

  11. What are the pros and cons of a certain career

  12. What do I need to know about my current career?

  13. How can I attract abundance to myself?

  14. How can I find the motivation to reach my goals?

  15. How do I beat any competition?

  16. What skills am I missing to help me achieve my goals?

  17. I've reached my goal, what's the next step?

  18. How can I speed up my (career or financial) growth?

  19. How can I balance work and home life?

  20. What business advice do I need?

  21. How can I find inspiration?

  22. What do I need to do to take the lead in my own life?

  23. What can I do to get closer to my purpose?

  24. What can I do for my business to succeed?

  25. Am I doing enough to help my business?

Love | Friendships | Family

  1. How can I make the most of my relationship(s)?

  2. How does (insert name) feel about me?

  3. What do I need to know about (insert name)?

  4. How can I get to my life partner?

  5. What is the status of the connection between you & (insert name)?

  6. How can I become more connected to (insert name)?

  7. What qualities should I look for in a friend/partner?

  8. How can I be a better partner?

  9. Truth needing to be revealed about the relationship?

  10. Why does your person like you?

  11. Outside influences impacting the relationship?

  12. What are this person's intentions?

  13. What is the future of the connection?

  14. What can I do to make more friends?

  15. How can I strengthen my relationship?

  16. How can I improve my social life?

  17. How can I heal a broken relationship?

  18. How can I nurture my relationships?

  19. What issues from the past are affecting my relationships?

  20. The purpose of the connection?

  21. How compatible are we?

  22. What is the cause of the breakup?

  23. What do I need in a romantic relationship?

  24. How am I holding myself back from true love?

  25. What do I need to do to be happy in love?

  26. Are my partner and I on the right track?

  27. How can I get over my ex?

  28. What will happen if I get back with my ex?

  29. What am I taking for granted in my relationship with (insert name/relation)?

  30. What can I do to be a better family member?

  31. What can I do to improve my relationship(s) with my sibling(s)?

  32. Am I supporting my friends the right way?

  33. How can I make my friendships last longer?

  34. How can I be a better friend?

  35. How can I improve my social life?

  36. Do I have any toxic friends?

  37. What's standing in the way of me finding love?

  38. How can I meet new people?


  1. What can I do to overcome grief?

  2. What messages does my lost loved one have for me?

  3. How can I make the one I lost proud?

  4. How can I connect with the person I lost?

  5. How are they in the afterlife?

  6. What are some life lessons they want to share with you?

  7. How will they communicate with you in the future?

  8. What was their purpose in your life?

  9. What are they doing in the afterlife?

  10. What is the deeper reason behind the loss?


Spiritual Team** & Spiritual Development

**(Spirit, Angels, Ancestors, Higher Self, or Spirit Guides)**

  1. What does my higher self (angels, ancestors, or guides [choose one]) want me to know?

  2. How can I get more in touch with Spirit?

  3. What do I need to do to tune into my natural psychic abilities?

  4. What is your team currently helping you with?

  5. What are the traits of your spirit guides?

  6. Something your guides want you to know that you've been ignoring?

  7. How can you be more open with your team in the future?

  8. How can you learn to follow your intuition?

  9. How can you enhance your psychic abilities?

  10. A skill/trait you inherited from your ancestors

  11. How can I deepen the connection to my ancestry?

  12. How can I connect more with my team?


  1. What is coming up?

  2. What should I look out for?

  3. What obstacles am I headed towards?

  4. What is the theme of the year/month/week/day (choose one) ahead?

  5. What is a possible outcome of my current path?

  6. What can I look forward to?

  7. Advice from your future self

  8. What is the best path to take?

  9. Upcoming opportunities?

  10. What do I need to know about the future of x?


Dreams | Visions

  1. Why did you have the dream/vision?

  2. What is the personal meaning of the dream/vision?

  3. What should I remember about the dream?

  4. What should I let go of from the dream?

  5. What lesson is the dream/vision trying to teach you?

  6. How can you move forward from the dream?

  7. What are you unable to see within the dream?

  8. What factors are influencing the dream?

Inner Child | Shadow Work

  1. What shadow behavior is hindering me from moving forward?

  2. What parts of myself do I need to face?

  3. How can I access my subconscious?

  4. What past experiences am I holding on to that are hurting me?

  5. How can you heal your inner child?

  6. What does your inner child/shadow self want you to know?

  7. When does your inner child/shadow self appear?

  8. Necessary step to take to undergo shadow work

  9. What will be the hardest part about healing your inner child?

  10. What does your inner child need?

  11. How can you best care for your inner child?

  12. What's something that scares your inner child?

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