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Barter Booking

Barter Booking is an is an alternative option to standard booking. Instead of paying for the reading with money you can exchange Tarot/Oracle Decks or Books for a Reading.

How it Works

There's an Amazon Wishlist named Decks & Books full of Spiritual Books, Tarot and Oracle Decks.  The amount on the receipt is equal to the cost of a reading. 

Getting a Reading is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Step 1. Purchase the Book/Deck

Step 2. Submit Confirmation along with the questions + type of reading you want
Step 3. Wait until the items have arrived to receive reading



Why Barter Booking?

Bartering is the act of exchanging a good or service for a good or service.  A portion of S|A Clientele requested the option to barter for a reading instead of paying out right. Bartering allows for clients to choose their own deck for a reading, provide S|A with additional resources and improves future experiences for all clientele.

Barter Book Now

Head to the Amazon Wishlist

Decks & Books

Purchase your Decks or Books 

Email or Text your confirmation

Wait for further instructions

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