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Frequently asked questions

What is a Reading?

  • A Reading is a service provided by intuitive people using their psychic (intuitive) abilities to provide you with clarity and answers to your questions


How does it work?

  • Readings work by the reader connecting the universal source to receive messages and clarity on your behalf. This can be done over email, phone or video because we are all connected to the same source. This is what makes it possible for us to receive messages on behalf of others. Some people have stronger abilities and a stronger connection to source than others.

Will a tarot reading predict death or scary things?

  • No, our readers do not prophesize negative events. Especially not ones pertaining to death or other particularly scary things.


Is tarot dangerous?

  • No the act of getting a reading is not dangerous. However, there could be side effects from energy exchanges if you receive a reading from the "wrong" person or receive too many messages from too many people in a short amount of time.


What information do you need from me and why?

  • Your reader will need your real name and maybe your date of birth or a picture. Readers use your information to get information on your behalf. Your name or date of birth is significant to you which makes it easy for readers to get a message unique to you.


Can I get a reading in person?

  • Yes, visit


What can a Reading do for me?

  • A reading can provide you with much-needed insight on particular matters, It can help you make informed decisions due to the insight and foreshadowing readings can provide and a reading can also provide you with specific steps to take to achieve a certain outcome 


What can I expect?

  • You can expect to be provided with loving, yet straightforward guidance from your Reader.


Can you tell me my future?

  • Our readers do have the ability to predict future events, however, the timeline is always changing, so there is the possibility that the predicted event(s) may/may not happen.

What can you tell me?

  • There is a wide range of topics that can be explored in readings. Here's a list of topics & questions to choose from: Click Here.

When will I get my reading?

  • Refer to the reading type you booked to better understand within what time frame you'll receive your reading. If it's been over the allotted time for the reading you booked please send a text message with your name and the time you booked to (404) 432 - 5013

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